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Throughout these pages you will explore the many ways to Purchase, Sell or Finance Real Estate. Although Nationwide Realty Services corporate offices are located in California, the information throughout this web site can be useful in all 50 states. In fact, Nationwide Realty Services has affiliate real estate agents located around the country.

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Our Experience

Our Company consists of Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers who have hundreds of years combined experience in Real Estate Sales and Real Estate Financing. This experience makes it possible for us to help guide you through the entire Real Estate Process.


Financing is King

One reoccurring theme that we have discovered after putting together thousands of Real Estate transactions is that in all most all of these transactions, the financing package was the deciding factor in determining the success of the entire Real Estate Transaction. Indeed, “Financing is King”.


Times have Changed

Today, most buyers have to obtain outside financing in order to pay the high price demanded by the market. In fact, as we have progressed from the policies of several years back requiring a home buyer to put in a down payment of 20% or more, to today of no down payments, no closing costs, and low payment options, the financing package has become the most crucial component of the real estate transaction.

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Whether you are buying or selling real estate in today’s market, it is imperative to have a financing package in place that will allow a seller to obtain the highest return on the sale of their property and a buyer to purchase that same property with the lowest cost available. Not only a low entry cost, but also a low monthly cost. This is simply known as “Terms”.


An Example

This theory is easy to understand if taken to an extreme. For example a seller will always take $1,000,000 to sell their $500,000 house, and we can always find a buyer willing to pay that price if the terms are such that the buyer needs no money down, no closing costs and has payments of only $1,000.00 per month. Of course this is only possible with a no interest loan amortized over about 83 years. Although not practical, you should be able to see the point.


Terms, Terms, Terms

So the old adage of real estate value being based on the “Location, Location, Location” of the home must now be combined with the “Terms, Terms, Terms” of the financing. This is the basic theory that we here at Nationwide Realty Services put into practice on a daily basis. The real trick comes into recognizing the various financing packages offered by lenders and then combing them with specialized programs available today throughout many areas of the country, and then, adding in some additional incentives offered by the lender, the seller, the real estate company, or all the above.

A seller is often better off putting in a few thousand dollars to offer a good financing package as opposed to simply lowering the sales price by that same few thousand dollars in an attempt to attract buyers to the lower price. A few thousand dollars against the sale price might lower the buyer’s payment by about $20 per month, however, a few thousand dollars used to fund a temporary buy down can save the buyer over $100 per month.

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You are welcome to visit the rest of our site and explore some of the many options available to you today. You might want to start at Our Company page to learn a little of the various services we offer.

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